Maintenance Kit

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Give your CityCar Cup Race Car a Freshen up!

Increase your chances of championship success by replacing the tired or worn out components on your race car.  Designed for new build projects, this kit contains everything you need to give the running gear and brake systems a refresh.  Everything from brake calipers and discs, through to wheel bearings and wishbones all in one convenient package.

  • Front Brake Calipers x2
  • Rear Brake Drums x2
  • Rear Brake Cylinders x2
  • Rear Brake Shoe kit
  • Rear Brake Shoe Clip Kit
  • Front Wheel Bearings x2
  • Rear Wheel Bearings x2
  • Track Rod Ends x2
  • Front Wishbone (Left)
  • Front Wishbone (Right)
  • Droplinks (Front roll bar) x2
  • DOT4 Brake Fluid
  • Engine Oil 5 Litre
  • Gear Oil 1 litre
  • Oil Filter


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