To have the unique CityCar Cup engine map installed into your ECU, please follow these instructions:

With permanent marker, write your name, car make and race number (if you have one) on the ECU.


To ensure it doesn’t become damaged in transit, carefully wrap and package your ECU and send to:

Sam Weller
Hybrid Tune Ltd
Renvale Technology Park
Eye Road
IP23 8AS 

Tel: 01379 770 091

Include with your ECU:

Your name
Mobile number
Email address
Return address
Car make
Car race number (if you have been issued with one)
Team name (if relevant)

On receipt of your ECU hybrid tune will contact you for payment of £100 plus Vat. This fee covers the installation of the CityCar Cup map, the fitment of tamper proof seals, and the return postage.

Hybrid Tune will provide the CityCar Cup Co-ordinator with a list of all details and ECU’s which have had the map installed. If your car’s ECU does not have the CityCar Cup map installed it will be deemed to be non-compliant with the championship technical regulations.

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